Getting Ready to Launch New Auto Dealer Site In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the hot bed of activity as we get ready to launch our latest ‘auto dealer’ portal for the State of Oklahoma! We won’t give you the URL just yet (because we’re finishing up final days of testing and loading it with the latest dealer inventory), but suffice it to say we will launch the final product very, very soon. Did I mention ‘very soon’?

Oklahoma Auto Dealers

Our new ‘Auto Dealers’ Portal in Oklahoma is designed with one thing in mind – bringing together ONLY auto dealers in Oklahoma with local Oklahoma residents. Again, we utilize our strategic geo-targeting techniques to ensure that dealers and consumers don’t get lost in a sea of confusion (trying to sort through national sites with way too much information), just to find what they are looking for. The second priority, is that as we focus on a local market – we can also ensure that the dealerships that will be displaying their inventory of cars is going to be the most complete and up-to-date listings in Oklahoma.

If you see a car listed in the auto dealer portal – there is a 99% chance it is still available and on the lot for you to take a look at. We also make sure that contact information for the dealers is accurate and up-to-date. There is nothing worse than picking up a phone to call a dealership about a vehicle and you get the old “this number has been changed or disconnected” mechanical voice.

Further more – we will be giving you more options. Connect by Phone, Email, Website or Text Messaging.

So we look forward to bringing you more news very soon about the actual launch date so you can start finding that automobile you have always wanted.

Automotive Business Directory

We believe that if this launch goes half as well as our first automotive business directory in 2010 – it will be a fabulous success.

Oklahoma Automotive Directory

We launched in 2010 to bring you business listings in the automotive industry. The website contains (and is continuously growing) Auto Repair Shops, Winding Tinting, Tires, Parts, Financing, Insurance Companies, DMV Info and Auto Insdustry News about someĀ  of the latest Concept Cars, Ford, GM, Dodge, Auto Shows, Motorsports, etc…

Since then, we have launched an automotive directory in Texas (State Office): Dallas, Houston and San Antonio.

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